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Beautiful Blues:
A Poetic Interjection for Bullying Prevention 

Utilizing the Book Khloe’s Beautiful Blues

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Unit Description

The Beautiful Blues: A Poetic Interjection for Bullying Prevention Unit is a two-week, mini unit, designed for students in grades 6-8, to explore the topic of bullying, while utilizing the art form and Language Arts theme of Poetry. This unit will explore types of bullying, colorism, self-image, and self confidence, while  also learning about the elements of poetry. Students will utilize the book “Khloe’s Beautiful Blues” as a guide, for each day and activity, to have SEL circles, create poems, and even journal thoughts and feelings, as it relates to their learning.  

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Course Resources & Outcomes

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Khloe’s Beautiful Blues. Wisconsin: Orange Hat Publishing, 2022 Print

Beautiful Blues: A Poetic Interjection for Bullying Prevention: Journal

Beautiful Blues: A Poetic Interjection for Bullying Prevention: Pre-Outlined Lesson Plans

Beautiful Blues: A Poetic Interjection for Bullying Prevention: Google Slides

Beautiful Blues: A Poetic Interjection for Bullying Prevention: Support Materials



(At the end of this course, a successful
student should be able to:)

1. Identify and define bullying and types of bullying

2. Identify and define colorism

3. Use SEL strategies to address and combat bullying

4. Recognize and write poetic forms

5. Understand and identify poetic elements and forms

6. Identify as a writer

7. Identify as an anti-bullying ally

8. Identify and promote “positive” self image


Rationale & Social/Emotional Learning Competencies


Utilizing the Wisconsin Common Core State Standards as well as the Wisconsin social and emotional learning competencies this unit will give students the opportunity to be able to understand bullying while expressing their experiences through poetic forms such as the book, Khloe’s Beautiful Blues. At the end of this 2 week mini unit, not only will students learn about aforementioned topics, but students will participate in Learning Circles and ultimately be able to turn produced works into their own (possible to be) published creation of their own Beautiful Blues. This unit will allow students to read, write, and respond, to not only poetry, but to their experiences with bullying. This unit will allow students to be creative, self expressive, explore multiple viewpoints, feelings and emotions, while also making connections to their life, other people and lived situations. Overall this unit will address and enhance students’ ability to read, write, and speak, addressing multiple state related standards, per each activity.  


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EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Understand and manage one's emotions.

SELF-CONCEPT: Develop positive self-identity and recognize self as a lifelong learner.

SOCIAL COMPETENCE: Establish and maintain positive relationships by respecting others, practicing social skills, and making responsible choices while recognizing and connecting to the community at large.

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Bring Khloe's Beautiful Blues to Your Classroom!

To inquire about adding the Beautiful Blues unit to your curriculum and to receive further information/resources, please contact La’Ketta at

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