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La'Ketta's "Good Trouble" video is a powerful statement on the American experiment in democracy.  Her eloquent words and descriptive images are the right message at this historic moment in time.  I’m so glad we can share this with the entire country through the Arts for Biden Harris Advocacy Committee.  Thank you, La’Ketta!

A. Katz

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In October I asked LaKetta ta to put together a poem for my daughter

Heriah's 2nd birthday celebration.  It was important that my family remembered her and celebrated her.  After speaking with LaKetta about what I wanted to capture in the poem she shared with me what was given to her through poetry.   The Poem from womb to God's arms was very touching.  She incorporated music from a song I would play for Heriah.  My husband really liked the poem as well.  This made Heriah's birthday very memorable and I'm very grateful to LaKetta for taking the time to put this together . 

M. Cross

Interacting with the “Ketalife: I am not your Superwoman 30 Day Journey to Peace” journal is like having its author, La’Ketta Caldwell, in the same room with you, a familiar friend who happens to have the skillset to coach you from confusion to clarity. In thirty short vignettes and writing prompts for personal transformation, Caldwell’s transparency about her pain and willingness to share what’s worked for her allows whoever is blessed enough to participate in this guided month-long adventure to discover peace. Caldwell guides the reader/writer to define their path and, in the process, to cultivate a series of life-changing “Aha!” moments along the way. It takes courage to commit to a month of daily reading and journaling, but Caldwell’s 30-day Journey takes relatively little time for the impact it can have on the future. Caldwell has a gift for inspiration, motivation, and connection that she employs through a conversational tone that makes turning each page a new opportunity to be energized and encouraged. Dive into the Keytalife 30 Day Journey to Peace and emerge renewed.


As I reflect on what I read and what I wrote, I am stunned by how my insights manifested for me. The words that came out of me became my new reality. I feel more clear about who I am, what I want, and how I want to be; this has given me a sense of inner peace I have strived for through spiritual study, yoga, and meditation for over twenty years. Keytalife unlocked what was inside me so I could see, touch, and attain possibilities that were only previously thoughts in my mind. There is truly something magical that happens when you shake hands with the soul of a selflessly generous and authentic presence like Caldwell. She elevates your whole being with her honesty while she gently asks for you to be honest with yourself. The journal has been so highly effective an exercise in personal and spiritual development that I am about to do my second round! I cannot recommend this book enough, especially for those who may be feeling stuck, discouraged, or confused. Accept the hug within the 30 Day Journey to Peace Journal; do the exercises, feel the feels, be the love, and find peace!

L. Garric

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