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La'Ketta's "Good Trouble" video is a powerful statement on the American experiment in democracy.  Her eloquent words and descriptive images are the right message at this historic moment in time.  I’m so glad we can share this with the entire country through the Arts for Biden Harris Advocacy Committee.  Thank you, La’Ketta!

A. Katz

Good Morning La’Ketta,


I hope you had a good week. 


I wanted to thank you again for your time on the phone the other day. It’s amazing what a difference you can make in someone’s life by offering to connect with them personally; taking a few moments to listen to their story and share yours starts a positive domino effect in the universe. 


I have to share with you how YOU did this for me. 


Our phone conversation really moved me. I am so sincerely inspired by you and am motivated to keep moving forward with my pursuit of more fulfilling work, even if I have to DO IT AFRAID! 

But, I really have to tell you what happened yesterday.

I take off early on Fridays to help my brother and sister-in-law by watching my nieces (7 and 8 years old) when they get home from school. I arrived as usual for their after-school arrival, and when the girls got home they were both highly escalated, perhaps even dysregulated, almost immediately getting into a fight with each other. I allowed them to work through it, or as we call it in trauma-informed yoga for youth, allowed them to release their energy so they could access a more balanced state of awareness. I was pleased that this happened quite swiftly just by being a calm presence for them. 

We then convened at the kitchen counter to munch on trail mix and read aloud to each other for about 20 minutes. When it was clear our bellies were full and our spirits relaxed, I asked them what they’d like to next. Olive, my 8-year old niece said, “Mom said you could teach us how to write a play.” 

Now - that’s the first miracle in this story.

La’Ketta - I swear to you, my sister-in-law has no idea about the conversation we had or even really about my desire to pivot into a more purpose-centered career. But, something in the universe prompted her to recommend this to my nieces as something that I could do with them. 

To say the rest of our afternoon and evening was magical is an understatement. The three of us wrote three scenes for a play called “School.” I provided the structure, prompts, and typing and let the girls "drive" the rest. They created the title, scene names, character names and descriptions, dialog, and stage directions! We rehearsed scenes to discover how what we wrote played out and did a staged table reading for my brother and sister-in-law when they got home for work. We had one of the best dinners together, talking as a family about the process and possible next steps in the plot, additional roles, costumes, etc … 

When it came time for me to go home, an even bigger miracle happened.

Olive, who is typically not physically affectionate with anyone, ran up to me and threw her arms around me for the best hug I’ve ever received. She looked up at me and told me “to come back tomorrow so we could keep working on the play.” She proceeded to give me two more hugs before I got out the door. 

Wow. Just wow. God is so good and the synchronicity of all of this just makes my heart sing. 

Thank you for being a catalyst for these miracles, La’Ketta. May your generosity be brought back into your life many times over. 




30 Day Journey to Peace Reviews

Interacting with the “Ketalife: I am not your Superwoman 30 Day Journey to Peace” journal is like having its author, La’Ketta Caldwell, in the same room with you, a familiar friend who happens to have the skillset to coach you from confusion to clarity. In thirty short vignettes and writing prompts for personal transformation, Caldwell’s transparency about her pain and willingness to share what’s worked for her allows whoever is blessed enough to participate in this guided month-long adventure to discover peace. Caldwell guides the reader/writer to define their path and, in the process, to cultivate a series of life-changing “Aha!” moments along the way. It takes courage to commit to a month of daily reading and journaling, but Caldwell’s 30-day Journey takes relatively little time for the impact it can have on the future. Caldwell has a gift for inspiration, motivation, and connection that she employs through a conversational tone that makes turning each page a new opportunity to be energized and encouraged. Dive into the Keytalife 30 Day Journey to Peace and emerge renewed.


As I reflect on what I read and what I wrote, I am stunned by how my insights manifested for me. The words that came out of me became my new reality. I feel more clear about who I am, what I want, and how I want to be; this has given me a sense of inner peace I have strived for through spiritual study, yoga, and meditation for over twenty years. Keytalife unlocked what was inside me so I could see, touch, and attain possibilities that were only previously thoughts in my mind. There is truly something magical that happens when you shake hands with the soul of a selflessly generous and authentic presence like Caldwell. She elevates your whole being with her honesty while she gently asks for you to be honest with yourself. The journal has been so highly effective an exercise in personal and spiritual development that I am about to do my second round! I cannot recommend this book enough, especially for those who may be feeling stuck, discouraged, or confused. Accept the hug within the 30 Day Journey to Peace Journal; do the exercises, feel the feels, be the love, and find peace!

L. Garric

LaKetta and Veronica


These words are not enough to convey the feelings of utmost adoration and respect that I have for you both.  This workshop has been a life-changing, and life affirming experience. The content made me truly look at myself and evaluate the experiences which have made me who I am today.  This course opened doors within me which were firmly closed, and, who knew that just by writing down my feelings in the beautiful journal provided, that I would begin to find peace. This course confirmed the importance of self-love and self-care, walking in truth and in my purpose, and highlighting the gifts, which I would never have realised had I not done this workshop.


This photo represents where I felt the fear and did it anyway, and that I am winning my journey to peace, with many more plans on the horizon, which I will approach with confidence and self-belief, and self-love.


Thank you so much for guiding me to walk in purpose.



Peace and Love

Love and Light

Lynette aka Elle-J

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